Monday, January 19, 2009

Petua putus cintaaaaaaa..arghhh

Break-ups for us especially on women seem to be nightmares. A lot of crying, sleepless nights and desperations are just some of the common effects of relationship break-ups. The hardest questions being asked is how to move on with life without him? Is there happiness after break-up? My answer is YES!!!

You must first understand that relationship break-ups are just a normal thing. That it can happen to anybody. Because not all relationship are made perfect and smooth. Problems and conflicts usually arise and if couples can't bear to handle these obstacles, a break-up will occur.

Women are born much sensitive than men. Mostly, in a relationship, its women who is deeply affected and have difficulty of moving on with life. I had relationship before and experience broken heart due to relationship break-up. But I can say that I was able to overcome that situation and went back to my normal life. How did I do that? Here's how:

1. I always pray to God whenever I feel so lonely. Whatever heartaches and worries that are boggling me were forwarded to Him. He is my source of strength.

2. I listen to good inspirational music and avoid listening to love songs. Gospel songs are good in healing sad feelings. It can also help me have a nice sleep.

3. I engage myself to lots of works. Being busy will give me no time to think about heartaches. Gardening or home crafts are great ideas to start with.

4. I go group dating with friends. Being with supportive friends will ease your ill feelings.

5. Don't pretend you don't know him or don't avoid talking about him for it will only prolong that recovery period. Its better that you will be used to discuss topic about him until everything becomes just a normal topic.

6. Keep yourself blooming. Develop more your beauty and health care. Don't let your heartaches ruin your personality.

7. Open your heart for a new relationship. Don't be afraid to love once more. Not all men are the same. Just be extra careful next time in choosing the right guy.

It is true that time will heal the wounds but it is also a fact that the person involved must do actions to make time do it.


myz said...

sape yg putus cinta ni?????

haliarn said...

dia dia...aku x..heheh